Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Neon Craft Thread

On my travels around the USA I found some amazing craft items. I also found some common craft items that also gave me some ideas.

At Paper Source (see previous post for details about this store) I found neon craft thread which gave me an idea for gift wrapping.

I have an excellent gift box from Paperchase (www.paperchase.co.uk) which is a a ridged, clouded plastic which is ideal for jewellery, cuff links, sweets or small gifts. I decided to use the neon thread to 'wrap' the gift box by using two strips of each colour.

I like the simplicity of the gift wrap and the brightness of the colour against the clear box with a darker insert.


You could use different colours or type of threads. String, wool and raffia would all work well and you could use more threads to cover a wider area. I like the bright colours that stand out but you could use contrasting colours against wrapping paper or use tones of one colour

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