Thursday, 2 January 2014

Not a Gift Wrap Example But a Gift Example

This Christmas I wanted to give my brother a slightly different gift. I found some amazing wooden 'reindeer' table scatters in neon colours from Paperchase and I had an idea to use these on a photo frame. 

To put some context on this, my brother is known to some as 'Moose' and, in my option the 'reindeer' looked less like reindeer and more like moose. While not particularly sentimental, I thought a framed picture of my brother, his son and my dad that they had taken on holiday may be a nice memento.

I picked up a plain wooden photo frame from Clas Olsen and used a mix of all purpose glue and superglue on the 'reindeer'. It was very quick and simple. Plus, I think my brother liked it!


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