Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Christmas Wreath Gift Tag

I'm a little in love with pom poms this festive season. I have a selection in my craft store for a few months but haven't really found a good use for them. Today I changed that.

At the beginning of Christmas I saw a pom pom wreath for Christmas trees and thought this would make a great gift tag idea. (See previous post for pom pom wreath from John Lewis)

I started by making a rough circle out of cardboard with a cut out centre which I then covered in washi tape.


I then attached a ribbon loop for the hanger and covered the front of the ring in pva glue. I then placed as many mini pom poms over the glue to cover the surface. I decided to be very relaxed with colours and pattern but you could use only one colour pom pom or have your colours in a certain design.


Once the glue dried, I affixed a card to cover the centre space as my message area. I suggest you write your message prior to affixing!


I really like the feel of the gift tag and you could have so much fun with colours and design. I have some larger felt pom poms in my store which may be good as accents on other tags.

Pom poms are widely available from craft stores but can be expensive. Stock up on special offers or even make your own!

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