Friday, 13 September 2013

Arty Gift Idea

Do you have a friend who is an artist or loves art? I found the below mini canvases and easels and think these could be turned into a great gift tag idea!

If you are a proficient artist you could paint the canvas and give the canvas & easel as a gift itself.

I, however, am not that accomplished an artist. My suggestion would be to find a copy of your friends favourite picture and glue it onto the canvas so they have a mini version of their favourite picture to display. PVA glue would be ideal for this job as you can coat the top of the picture to give it a varnish like finish. Once the picture was dry, I would then superglue the canvas to the easel ensuring the easel can still open fully and stand.

You can write a gift message over the painting if you want this to be purely a gift tag. Alternatively you could write on the easel or use a luggage tag to attach to the easel.

I'm a massive fan of a gift boxes so I would attach the easel to a gift box making sure this could be removed with no damage. You could also thread a ribbon through the easel to hang on a larger gift.

These mini canvases would also work work in a children's party bag or christmas stocking for budding artists!

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  1. Those pics you did depicting Brighton weekend were great and they would look really cool if you were to do them on the canvas as a personal thing for the person. Dont sell your artist-ness short Mrs M.