Friday, 27 September 2013

Who Doesn't Love a Wedding??

My friend Hannah and her lovely fiancée are getting married tomorrow! I love it when my friends get married but I love getting a gift more. The gift I purchased from the gift list is to be taken to the event with me so I had the chance to wrap it. Usually I end up buying from a gift list with direct delivery to the Bride & Groom which isn't half as much fun for me!

In all honesty I was going to get a gift bag but I couldn't find anything the right size or with a pattern/colour I liked. I had to go to work with something else. Luckily, the gift fitted perfectly into a shoe box I had saved for reuse.

I decided to wrap the gift in 'pretty' paper and keep the gift box more simple. The box was wrapped in brown paper and I used raffia string instead of ribbon. For gift tags I used wedding place cards which gave the gift a different look.

This is quite a traditional looking gift but I think it is pretty. I hope the Bride & Groom like it and I wish them the best for the future!

The gift

The outer gift box covered in brown paper

A perfect fit!

Place cards used as gift tags

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