Thursday, 19 September 2013

Letter Beads

I think I am addicted to letter beads! It's a strange addiction but there really are lots of uses for them.

It started with strange bracelets. I made plenty of them, all saying different things and with added extras. I then started using them on gifts and cards.

Obviously you can use any kind of beads for decoration but that is whole other post!

I use letter beads when spelling out a message. They are great for bursts of text speech such as 'OMG' or 'YOLO' on cards. On plain gift boxes that are great as an alternative to a gift tag. I also love them on a gift tag just to spell out the recipients name.

There is a great selection of letter beads out there including beads that are shaped as letters as well as my preferred square or round beads with letters stamped on them.

A spot of superglue or all purpose glue is all you need to attach the beads.

My gift tags below were born out of buying these fab pen bracelets for two of my favourite girls. Rather than wrap them, I just tied a label to them. It's quite simple but effective.






  1. Love this idea for when you dont have any wrapping paper in the house - I would have tended to use silver foil in that case before.