Saturday, 21 September 2013

These Gifts are Alive with The Sound of Music!

Who doesn't love a good classic musical? This gift wrap idea is based on 'The Sound of Music'. Such a classic story has mutlple opportunities to impress the gift receiver.

One of the most famous phrases is 'brown paper packages, tied up with string' and I have used this as the basis of the gift tower. The film also features Maria making the children clothes out of curtains and this was my idea for the alternative gift wrap. To get a home furnishings feel to the wrap, I have used a wallpaper off-cut. Wallpaper off cuts are available from all wallpaper outlets or you can find these on the internet. I tried to keep the colours similar to the curtains in the film but you could go wild in terms of colour!

You could also take a print of the film title scene and use this as a wrap or for the gift card. If your drawing skills are good you could decorate the brown paper wrapping to feature lyrics or phrases from the film.

With such a rich image and music-led film, there really is lots of iconic ways to dress your gift!

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