Sunday, 29 September 2013

Wrap it in Plastic

I may be the only person who looks for gift wrap ideas in places like kitchen shops and garden departments. I get my best finds in the most unexpected places.

My recent idea came from inflatable protective bags, as seen below. These bags come in two sizes suitable - one for wine bottles and one for perfume bottles.

What I love about these is the gift is on show from the start. Pop a bottle of champagne in the bag, blow it up and voila! How you decorate it is up to you. I've done an example below with some washi tape and a permanent marker pen.

Want to do something different with the inflatable gift bag? What about this:

- the small bags are great as a makeshift vase. Insert flowers, inflate (not too full so it stands) and add some water

- got little boys in your family? I think this packaging would suit something like matchbox cars or small figurines. Lay the bag flat on a table or counter & lay the toys within the bag. While the bag remains flat, blow it up. The toys will move slightly upon inflation

- scarves, socks, t-shirts. Anything can be put in these bags. Try it out for yourself!

A scarf with rope and gift tag

Poor photo but this is some rolls of socks

In terms of decoration, you could glue sequins or glitter on the bag. You could also use different coloured marker pens to draw a pattern on the bag.

There are lots of options to get creative - enjoy!

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