Friday, 13 September 2013

Food Theme Gift Tag

I can probably fill about 50 food theme posts so I will start simply.

I don't often give the gift of food. I invariably order a food gift online and have it delivered directly to the recipient but that doesn't mean I don't have any ideas on how to make food gifts look quirky!

In my kitchen I have whole draw full of disposable chopsticks, knives, forks & spoons and the detritus of eating on the move. I have hoarded these for their gift giving potential - obviously.

I have glued a knife & fork together at the base. As the wood is very porous I have used crayon to write the message. You could do this with plastic cutlery but this may be harder to write on.

To attach to your gift you can use a ribbon (I have done this to a wooden box which would be good to be used for jars of sauces or jams) or you could glue directly to the packaging. If you are giving a metallic gift, you could always attach a magnet to the reverse of the knife & fork and this could then be kept and displayed like a fridge magnet.

FYI - this knife & fork are from Whole Foods Market. They are the best quality I have come across recently!


  1. would like an idea for packaging cupcakes for a birthday pressie please?

  2. Good one! Is there a theme? I have one or two ideas initially.
    1. Large cupcake plant - take a terracotta garden pot of your chosen size. You will need a polystyrene ball to fit into the plant pot so you may want to keep it to around 20cm diameter. Ensure the polystyrene ball fits snugly into the plant pot without falling into it (it should sit approx. 1/3 of the way into the pot). Starting at one side about 1 inch from the lip of the pot, insert two toothpicks about 1/2 inch apart into the polystyrene. Attach a cupcake to the toothpicks. Continue around the polystyrene ball until you have filled it. In the gaps between the cupcakes you could use icing leaves, clean leaves from your garden or large-leaved herbs. You can tie a ribbon around the plant pot for decoration
    2. This one has to be set up at the location but it's a good one! Take a large golf umbrella and open with the handle facing up. Measure the diameter of the umbrella about 1/3 of the way down. Cut a piece of heavy card to fit the umbrella's diameter, remembering to cut a hole for the handle to fit through. Fit the card and stack your cupcakes. You can then walk around your event carrying the umbrella and handing out the cupcakes. I am way superstitious so I would only do this at an outside event!!
    Let me know about themes though......

  3. Not sure I explained point 2 well enough. I missed out that you need to measure the umbrella once it is opened!!! I will try and do a homemade version to post on here soon!!!

  4. Thanks, so gonna give the cup cake p l ant pot a try. No theme as such, was looking for an idea to give cake to my sis. Sxx