Sunday, 22 September 2013

Somewhere to Hang your Gift

I love giving clothing gifts. From children's items to fabulous designer gifts, there is something for everyone. Often you will give an item of clothing but little thought of storage and display goes into the gift giving. I was fascinated recently reading an article about someone who displayed their favourite clothing pieces like works of art throughout their house. It got me thinking about hangers and how these are functional but not actually 'pretty'. 

I'm not a fan of the meatal hanger so it's those thick plastic or wooden hangers all the way for me. I thought wooden hangers would be the best to decorate and in my head I had a few ideas - beads, sequins and tissue paper. I'm not sure I have had the desired results but this is a start on something I'd like to pursue.

I have looked at ways to include the hanger as part of the gift by wrapping the box ribbon to include the hanger.

In regards to a gift tag, I have looked at using a stitch design and needle which is great if displaying the item is important.

I think I'll come back to this one I have refined the designs and ideas!

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